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bully - 폭력을 동반함

outcast - 왕따. There are outcasts at school, in the workplace and in the military.

single out - 원래 선발/발탁하다의 의미이나, 따돌림당한다는 의미도 많이 쓰임. He is being unfairly single out.

ostracize - 왕따시키다. 참고로 ostrich(타조)와는 어원도 다르고 아무런 관련 없슴.

shun - "피하다"는 의미로 왕따와는 다름. After his divorce he found himself being shunned by many of his former friends.

Finding yourself on the outs with coworkers can make you dread going to work. Perhaps coworkers ignore your input during meetings or give you the silent treatment at lunch. These types of actions represent a form of bullying called ostracism, which skips over bullying in favor of shunning. Ostracism casts a negative shadow on workplace dynamics. Dealing with being ostracized in the office takes perseverance.

*on the outs : ~ 와 사이가 나빠

*skip over : 묵과하다

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