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I presume that Mmany contemporary parents have been concerneding aboutthat what kind of environmenteducation or which place has can bring the best great effect onfor their children. Some people insist that raising children in the countryside is better than in the city. However, I believe that raising children in a big city can be more satisfactoryefficient.

 In this essay, I will show you why I hold this view.

The advantages of the countryside are several. Firstly, cChildren mustay be physically andor mentally healthy. It is true that the environment of the countryside is very peaceful, compared to big cities, and. The parents mustay ensure secure that their children can grow up with positive minds.

Furthermore,Secondly, the countryside is unpolluted. Imagine that children breathinged fresh and unpolluted air.

 Finally, children can find harmony inwith nature. If children live in the countryside, they canould see the mountains and sea easily. They then naturally play outdoorsside rather than playing computer games inside, and they may realize that how importantmuch our nature isare important to us. However, a drawback ofin the countryside is that, many children find it are hard to contact or learn new technologies which can develop our quality of life. 

On the other hand, Rraising children in a big city, on the other hand, may be dangerous as compared to the countryside. There are usually occur a lot of crimes and accidents in big cities, but in my opinion, if parents paidy more attention to their children, accidents could be minimized or eliminatednot happen to them. Furthermore, the education system in a big city is better than in the countryside. It is true that there are lots of good schools in big citiesy. Although harmonizing with nature is important to growing children, children also need efficient education. If our next generation just plays outside, how can we expect a fascinating future? Our world has been changing quickly, so our children need toshould learn and accept new knowledge.

Finally, while raising children in a big city, during the holiday, parents may bring their children to the countryside and show them the beauty of nature or educate them on thehow much importance oft our environment. Parents’ role may more important than environment. Spending more time with their children can affect their children’s future

As you can see above, the advantages of raising children in a big city outweigh those of raising children in the countryside. The parents’ role, however, may be more important than the environment. Spending more time with their children can affect their children’s future more than any other factor.

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